CTI Video Conferencing has been providing quality communications alternatives with superior customer service for over ten years.

Let us assist your organization by arranging reliable and affordable videoconferencing virtually anywhere….

We specialize in supporting the legal and medical fields, as well as corporate interviews.

Use our video conference room locator to locate over 2,200 public video conference rooms virtually anywhere. By entering a zipcode you will find all the video conference rooms within 100 miles.

Each listing provides the physical address.
The rooms are listed with the closest so if you don’t find what you need just scroll down.

Find a room then hit the reserve key, or call our office, or just send us an email message with your request (let us know if you prefer a court reporter) and we’ll do the rest..

Mobile device connectivity, multipoint bridging services, gateways, complex multi-site conference coordination and video conferences in many other countries are  also available.

Questions?  Please call 727-895-6674 and a video conferencing specialist will assist you.